strut x Tulum



OCTOBER 28 - NOVEMBER 2nd, 2019



  • All meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. Please note we will have ONE offsite group dinner at your own expense.

  • Opening + Closing circles.

  • Daily Sadhana - morning movement practice + meditation (SLOW FLOW and/or dance practice).

  • 2 Empowered Embodiment Playshops.

  • 2 STRUT CLUB classes.

  • 1 Dance Church session.

  • 1 Relaxation Massage.

  • 1 Mayan Clay Treatment + guided ocean cleansing Ritual.

  • Afternoon swim/snorkel at the Gran Cenote.

  • Ample free time to rest, beach, + roam.

  • And more - because the magical, flow state unfolding is REAL.


  • FLIGHT, AIRPORT SHUTTLE*, + WIFI* not included.

*Wifi is available for $25 USD upon arrival, should you wish to connect during your stay. But consider going unplugged!

**Airport shuttle will be arranged closer to arrival date. Amansala will co-ordinate with you and other participants.



The Riviera Maya is known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungles, and healing energy.

Home to the ancient Maya civilization, this land is rich in history + ceremony.

Known as “City of Dawn” because it faces the sunrise, Tulum is now home to many beautiful eco-friendly resorts, prioritizing health, wellness, Mexican culture, and right relationship to Mama Earth.

Amansala is located approximately 2 hours South of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo.

Check in is at 2:00 PM on Monday.
Check out is at 12:00 PM on Saturday.

*Airport shuttle will be arranged by the hotel.


Amansala offers a delicious and health conscious menu that emphasizes fresh, local ingredients.

All meals are based on their philosophy “from the earth to your plate” and are free of preservatives + processed foods.

Their onsite restaurant is open all day and they accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets.



● Fresh fruit platter
● House-made granola +yogurt
● Eggs with tomato + avocado


● Grilled fish + house salad
● Fajitas
● Fish tacos
● Curry salad


● Fresh-caught grilled fish with quinoa, broccoli, + greens
● Chicken Curry
● Baked stone-ground tortillas with black beans, lettuce, salsa, + avocado


● Coffee 
● Fresh fruit salads
● Flower tea Infusions
● Guacamole/hummus with carrot & cucumber sticks
● Jicama with lime


Chica Yoga Shala.jpg


As magical human babes, there are certain boxes we must check in order to THRIVE and feel ALIVE.

And when we are feeling gooooood in our body + spirit, we have the clarity + ENERGY to walk our path.

Our actions become grounded in confidence and self-love.

The initial experience of being turned on starts with what you’re doing, throughout your day, for yourself.
— -Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti, author of THE WOMAN CODE, has identified 5 POWERFUL KEYS to unlocking your most vital, sensual, + empowered expression.



  1. Engage your Feminine energy.

    • Heck yes. STRUT CLUB classes + Dance Church + Empowered Embodiment practices + daily Shakti activations = Feminine energy awakened.

    • The Mayan Riviera is a lush, beautiful, sensual place. Come live in proximity to the earth’s wild rhythms and return to your wildest, most fertile self.

  2. Stabilize your blood sugar.

    • Enjoy 3 whole-food meals a day to improve metabolism, energy, digestion, and reduce gut inflammation.

  3. Support Adrenals + balance Cortisol.

    • Regulate your stress hormones by syncing your cycles to a circadian rhythm - aka early to rise, early to sleep, relax on the beach, and prioritize your rest + rejuvenation.

  4. Support organs of elimination.

    • Daily movement classes will help flush + clear your natural pathways of detoxification.

    • 6 days of LOCAL, unprocessed, fresh, + seasonal produce will deliver all the right fibre + nutrients to balance gut flora.

  5. Hormone Synchronization

    • Attune to the cycles of your body and embrace your unique rhythms. Over time, syncing your diet, exercise + workflow with your menstrual cycle can help balance hormones naturally, increase libido, preserve fertility, and decrease symptoms of PMS.



Bollywood Class (1).jpg


"I've been on three of India's retreats - each one magical in its own right. India's heart-warming space-holding talents allow for maximum self-exploration. Whether we're adventuring in the wild, sweating it out in a movement practice, laughing (there's always laughter), or nourishing ourselves with high-vibing sustenance, India’s retreats have ALWAYS been the right medicine for me, right on time. I've left each retreat with a deeper connection to myself, new connections with like-minded women, and a little magic in my heart that inspires me to move forward with my dreams."

- C.H.

“Being a room with India, is like being in a room with the essence of SOUL. From the moment she opens her mouth to welcome the energy in, to invite you to go inward, you feel safe. My body knows exactly how to respond to her cues on movement. She goes beyond the mind and speaks directly to the heart and depth of my being. I feel so safe. From the warmup to the choreography, I am held in a space that feels like home. Her own embodiment gives me permission to drop into mine. Everything she teaches and suggests feels warm and gooey in my body. Dancing with The Strut Club is empowerment and softness. It's raunchy and safe. I never want to leave once it's over. My body feels more like my own and I feel the power that lies there when I come home to me.

If you've ever been scared to move, to dance, to drop into your sensual being, India's Strut Club is the perfect place to start.”

- Jill Pollard (@thegathererkauai)

"So grateful to have taken part in India’s Bowen Island gathering. It was a magical weekend full of all the healing I didn't even realize I needed. India helped guide us by providing a safe place to dig deep, be brave, and open up. We moved, meditated, nourished, and connected. Highly recommended!

- Tammy Gagne

“I’ve been very blessed and honoured to be soulfully nourished by India and her offerings. The Strut Club has been such a positive experience in my life and has helped me gain confidence in mind, body and spirit. I had no prior dance experience but at the first class I knew that never mattered and that this was what I was looking for my whole life.” 

- Linda T.

"In the best way possible, I never know what I’m getting into with India. The best thing I have ever done for myself when it comes to her classes or retreats is to just say Yes, show up, and go with it. Because no matter what IT is, I always walk away feeling like a better, stronger, more mythical version of myself. 

Her superpower is bringing together incredible groups of women and passing along her knowledge through movement and ceremony so that they become better people. If you see something, ANYTHING, that draws you to any of India’s retreats, just say yes and go! There’s even more magic behind the curtain."


“India's retreats allow you to tap into places that your spirit has been asking you to witness. Plus the amount of fun had with the women is aways an amazing time!

- A.DeBatt

”I found The Strut Club during a particularly challenging time in my life; I had just gone through a breakup and was filled with heartache and a determination to heal. A friend told me about India’s class, and I knew it was just what I needed to begin the process of moving that energy and reclaiming my sensuality for myself. And after that first class, I was hooked.

India starts each class with a check-in; a chance to connect with our body and set intentions for being there. I love how on purpose and personal this feels. Strut has become my weekly, non-negotiable dance therapy, and I know that no matter the feels I’m feeling that day I am safe to show up exactly as I am and will be held by the energy of the space. India’s choreography ranges from fast paced, fun pieces that have you celebrating being a woman in this world, to slow and luscious that give you the chance to connect deep into your body and soul through the earth and the music. Heels or barefoot, doesn’t matter. Doing the choreography that’s given or something else entirely, doesn’t matter. I love the freedom to move however I need to move. This class has helped me build confidence in knowing my body and healing through movement. It has helped me know my body’s own intuition and power as a feminine form.

If you are new to dance, coming back to dance, or just looking for ways to get into your body, this. Is. The. Space. My goddess is it the space. It is supportive, it is power, it is magic. I cannot recommend this class enough or truly express through words what a light India is in this world. You’re just going to have to feel it for yourself.”

- Stephanie Chevrier