Dress however you’d like for class. Booty shorts and a sports bra? Hell yes. Yoga pants and a crop top? 100%. Sweatshirt and sweatpants? Get sweaty bae. What matters is that you are comfortable, confident, and can move freely. This ain’t no cookie cutter class vibe. DO YOU like only you can do.

DO I have to wear HEELs?

Absolutely not. Sometimes we’ll even do barefoot classes + choreo.

HOWEVER. Dancing in a heel has some crazy amazing physical AND psychological effects.

Firstly, the added lift fires up alllll your deep stabilizer muscles in the core and legs. You werk your balance and your whole body is constantly calibrating and communicating.

Secondly, the body language and posture that a pair of heels naturally encourages is NEXT LEVEL. It’s so powerful to lift your heart, elongate your legs, and stomp around like you run the world.

Bring a pair of sturdy heels, a boot, a wedge sneaker, or a ballroom shoe. Wear them for 5 minutes or the whole class! But definitely consider giving it a try.

I’ve never taken a dance clasS.

Is STRUT CLUB for me?

Short answer - YES. We are overjoyed to have welcomed MANY womxn to their first ever dance class. And they’re still dancing up a storm!

Long answer - Dance is for every body and you cannot do it wrong. The aim of STRUT CLUB is not perfection or polish, it is simply to SHOW UP AND MOVE. Believe it or not, the work is in the mind - to practice leaving the voices of doubt, etc. behind and move into trusting your body for 90-minutes. It is where presence, self-love, and creativity meet.

what STYLE OF DANCE is it?

THE STRUT CLUB is a fusion movement method. We combine influences from Street Jazz, Neo-Burlesque, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and Contemporary dance.

In addition, we incorporate yogic technologies, empowered embodiment exercises, + mindfulness techniques. Classes are largely inspired by the energy of the week, the sacred Elements as they exist within us, pertinent celestial events, and/or the latest hot track to drop.

It is always a fluid co-creation

should i take strut One or STRUT two?

For your first class, we suggest dropping in to STRUT X ONE to get a feel for the movement vocabulary, class format, and womxnhood vibe. This level is excellent for building foundations in technique and creative self-expression.

STRUT X TWO is a denser, more face-paced class but it is and has always been OPEN LEVEL. This means it’s designed to give our new STRUT Babes something chewy to dive into, while still offering a challenge to our long-time dancers. You’ll get an epic workout from this class and it’s a level you can grow with big time.

Bottom line. It’s totally up to you. Come to both!

what is the cost?

All classes are $20 to drop in.

You can also purchase a 5-Class Pass for $88 or a 10-Class Pass for $155.

Payments can be made in cash at the door or via e-transfer to hello@thestrutclub.com

Where are classes held?

THE STRUT CLUB is a nomadic studio so we hold classes all over Greater Vancouver (and ONLINE classes coming so soon!) Check out our CLASS SCHEDULE to make note of our 3 studio locations.

More questions?

Email us at hello@thestrutclub.com